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Публикую с небольшим опозданием, извините

Что лично Вы решите сделать - решайте каждый сам для себя, сайты указаны. Часть адресов я был вынужден убрать по понятным причинам, не обессудьте)
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 17:06:11 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: A Message From Russell Means

> Thank you for your interest and your offer of support to the Republic
> of Lakotah and our re-establishment of sovereignty.  
> A brief update since the December 17th, 2007 Withdrawal:
> The legal team is appealing to the international community with a
> legal approach and a political strategy.  A business plan is being
> developed for wind energy   beginning with a pilot wind farm of 12  
> 15 wind turbines. We are also assembling a Volunteer Medical Team to
> utilize the Porcupine Health Clinic to include alternative medicine,
> podiatry, and an Emergency Medical Team to operate the ambulances.
> Also in progress, is an educational plan with a mission to regain
> control of Lakotah education by establishing the  Total Immersion
> concept which will begin to reverse the current devastating
> statistics.  Currently, the average Lakotah speaking person is 62
> years of age.  The Lakotah male life expectancy is 44 years, and the
> female is 47   52 years.  These statistics place our language at risk
> and possibly to the point of extinction. We must act now!!!  Please
> visit our web site:
> Here is how you can help:  
> (Lakotah Total Immersion School)  We plan to begin operating the
> school in the fall of 2008.  In order to achieve that, we need
> $288,200 by June 1, 2008. The amount of $119,000 is needed to finish
> and equip the 5,000 square foot pre-fab tipi proto-type structure,
> which is
> currently at 65% completion.  We need $169,200 for school
> operations, which would accommodate 12 to 20 students. We are pleased
> to report that we are on our way towards obtaining these funding
> requirements. This is a crucial first step toward realizing our new
> found independence.  
> The initial response has been inspiring and we request your financial
> support by visiting our  web site
> Just as our ancestors signed treaties to secure the interest of our
> People for the next seven generations, we, Lakotah, are at that point
> again.  We believe in the human spirit to persevere.  With your help,
> we will continue as a distinctive People.
> Thank you for being a part of the survival of the Lakotah culture.
> Russell Means
> Chief Facilitator
> Republic of Lakotah
> 605-867-1025
> PO Box 99
> 444 Crazy Horse Drive
> Porcupine, Lakotah 57772

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From: Karen Laughing Bird
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